"She's right - I'm Left"

2, 3 or 4 piece acoustic for any venue or private event! contact dave @dmg1127@icloud.com ! 

She's right i'm left acoustic music maple road west bend

Need big sound for a smaller venue or event? we can help you out!   Jenny, Russ and max are joined by jenny's husband/maple road sound guy dave for this scaled down acoustic group!  The name is a simple play on handedness, a righty, and a lefty! 

Jenny still provides the same amazing vocals that you're used to, but trades in the strat, pedals  and blues Jr. for her taylor acoustic. Russ still plays one of his many electric bass guitars, but  bypasses his effects pedals and bass amp and cabinet, plugging directly into the PA system. Max doesn't need the entire drum set, with a dual mic'd cajon, shakers and tambourines on his shoes,  you'll be amazed what he can do with that "box!"  of course his high vocal harmonies are still in the mix!  Dave joins the party with his hybrid left handed godin guitar rounding out the rest of the rhythm and lead needs, and occasionally adding vocals to the gig, when jenny asks nicely! 

The result is an eclectic playlist and dynamic sound with a considerably smaller footprint, and virtually no " stage volume" making us a  perfect fit for a variety of venues!  big or small, we've got you covered!